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Every testimonial is authentic and the client last name has been abbreviated for privacy purposes.

Mark B.


The main benefit of having a fitness center on site is the convenience. Being able to work out during “lunch hour” or after work makes it a lot easier to get a workout in.

The benefit of a corporate trainer on site is that it gets people who don’t normally work out into the gym. This is a benefit that most companies do not offer.

I have been working out with Pascale 2 or 3 times a week for several years.

She provides a workout routine that exercises every muscle group and her overall knowledge is very helpful. Pascale tailors her training style to the person she is training. She is good at gauging everyone’s personal needs and she trains accordingly. I have become more physically fit since I have been working out with Pascale. When I miss a workout, I feel “draggy” by mid-afternoon.

Carolyn F.

CarolynHaving a fitness center and a personal trainer at our company is an awesome benefit. I would have to pay a lot to get this one-on-one attention that is provided for free to the employees.

I have worked out with Pascale for over 10 years 2 (sometimes 3) times a week. She shows me how to work to my potential. I feel much better physically working out with Pascale than just working out on my own. We discuss nutrition and the benefits of exercise and how to use various pieces of equipment. She pushes me to try new things, watches my form and corrects it. She makes working out exciting and attainable. Because I’ve worked out with her so long, she’s been there through all my aches and pains (old age) and she finds exercises that I can do to get the same effect.

I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t work out with her each week. I feel that I’m healthier and don’t get as sick as all my colleagues around me. The discipline of working out will always be a part of my life and I try to practice what I’ve learned daily.

Besides being a great trainer, Pascale is a great friend. I really value her guidance and look forward to working out with her weekly.

Heidi J.

HeidiIt’s been very convenient having a fitness center & trainer at my company as I’m much more likely to workout than if I had to go else where. Having a trainer definitely pushes me to do more than I would on my own; therefore, keeping me in better shape.

I’ve been working out with Pascale for approximately 10 months; 1 to 3 times a week. I’ve learned that you will get sore if you don’t workout regularly. Working out does seem to keep my emotions in better balance. Since I’ve been working out with Pascale I’ve been drinking more water and trying to eat healthier foods rather than things with empty calories.

She adjusts the workouts for each person’s abilities/limitations along with incorporating things they like to do but always keeping it fresh by adding in new and challenging moves then mixing things up a bit so my body don’t get used to the same things. It’s also great being able to do some of our workouts outside on nice days.

Working out definitely has had an affect on my over all health. I even do some of the routines on weekends at home and have shared them with my family to do. I’ve noticed that I have much more muscle tone and energy than previously.

Cathy M.

CathyPascale keeps me motivated! I need someone to keep me accountable for doing my workouts or I would always have other things to do instead of exercising.

I also benefit from the “push” she gives me to challenge myself. Without that, I would just go through the motions and not work enough to gain the results I’m looking for.

Knowing how hard you have to work to burn the calories has made me more cautious of what I eat.

I now try to make sure I eat “cleaner”.

Tony S.

TonyI have been working out with Pascale for about one year.

There is no doubt I have a better work out with her as a trainer than I ever would on my own.

She pushes you to continually improve and challenge yourself. Most importantly she makes certain you are doing the exercises correctly for the maximum benefit.

She also listens to what we tell her and she has the patience and knowledge to change the routine to match each individual’s abilities.

Jay G.

JayI have been working out on a semi-regular basis since high school. As the pressures and stresses of working and family life have built, I found less and less time to head to the gym before or after work. Having the facility and three standing appointments per week during work hours has increased the frequency and working with a trainer has increased the intensity of my workouts. Goals that were in the past pipe dreams have become true realities and fond memories as I have achieved and moved well past them.

I have been training with Pascale for three years. We started out with two sessions a week and have moved to three. She knows how to get the most and the best out of you. She knows what buttons to push to make you want that next rep. She also knows her clients true abilities without the obstacles we place in front of ourselves. Furthermore, she trains with a true concern for the needs of her clients. She knows preexisting conditions and adapts accordingly.

The most important lesson that I have learned is that I have no boundaries. Personal records that I did not think I could achieve have been blown away by her methods and coaching. She can always motivate me to complete that one extra rep or set that makes all of the difference. Emotionally and mentally, I know that no matter how hard my week has been, for one hour I can let it go. I have different challenges that when finished remind me that there is nothing I can not overcome. When you feel the weight on your shoulders for a set of squats and you best that weight, you feel invincible. The pressures of the world can not compare to the euphoria one feels from conquering such a true, tangible challenge.

I have always enjoyed lifting heavy weight, but since I have trained with Pascale, my personal maxes have increased in many cases over 100%. I never dreamed of a 600lb. squat max, but it is a very reachable and attainable goal for me now.  Also, even on those days when working out is the farthest thing from what I want to be doing, I look forward to the session and am always excited to be training with her.

Through my workout experience I deal with stress much better. I think about the times that I have had enough weight on my shoulders to crush an average person and not only did I complete that rep but at times 2 or 3 more and I know that I can get through whatever issue I am having at the time.

Erin J.

ErinTo put it simply – NO EXCUSES. When you have access to a fitness center and a personal trainer where you work and spend 5 days a week, there are simply no excuses to getting healthy.

I have worked out with Pascale for over 9 years – either once or twice a week depending on my work schedule. She has definitely taught me that being healthy and fit takes time and changes don’t happen overnight. You have to stay committed to see results and she is always there pushing you along so that you don’t give up on your goals. I have better workout habits since I began working out with her. If I have a busy week, I squeeze in little bits of exercise when I can. That consistency helps so that when things slow back down you don’t feel as though you are starting all over again.

Pascale loves to mix it up and try new techniques. Your body never gets a chance to plateau because she is always coming up with new and creative ways to exercise. We definitely have a core set of fundamental exercises but she is always adding new exercises and new equipment into the mix so that you never get bored from doing the same old thing every week.

When we travel she always gives us the “vacation combination” so that we can keep up our exercise even when we aren’t at home. It’s usually a quick set of exercises that hit the high points so you don’t spend all day working out, but you stay healthy and can jump right back into it when you return.

Pascale takes the time to get to know each person – their body type, strengths and weaknesses. Even in a group setting she will always help you to modify the exercise if she knows that something doesn’t work for your body type or if she knows that you have particular strength in that area. She is the gentle nudge that most of us need to stay focused and stay consistent.

Maria S.

MariaBeing able to step away from my desk and take some time for myself to work out and distress is a great benefit. In addition to that, access to a personal trainer has given me an opportunity that I may not have taken advantage of on my own. The weightlifting areas in gyms can be quite intimidating, so having someone at work that can show you the techniques and proper way to use machines has really been great – the gym is not so intimidating any more.

I have been working out with Pascale for about 10 years now; we started with one session a week and now I’m up to 2 per week (sometimes 3) It has been so helpful to have Pascale to work out with; she has taught me the proper way to lift weights and gives me ideas of different exercises and regimens to try to target specific areas.

Pascale’s approach to training is very balanced.  She’ll motivate and push you to do more than you even think you can at times; however she will also listen to you and adjust the workout to fit your needs.  Throughout the years I’ve had a few injuries and she takes all of that into account and alters/personalizes your workout.  She will also work with you to focus on areas you want; she always says “it’s your workout”!

I have definitely noticed more definition in my arms since we started working out; when we started I couldn’t even lift a 5 pound weight! My attitude about working out has completely changed, I feel more comfortable now that I know what I’m doing and actually enjoy and look forward to working out – it’s become part of my daily routine

Chris S.

Chris S.The workout center and personal training we have access to is by far the best employee benefit offered by Stanley Steemer. Working out is a year round mood and energy booster that helps me to stay focused and positive. There are many times I do not feel like working out or pushing myself and Pascale is the perfect remedy for a lazy disposition. She has the right mix of supportive instruction with a sometimes needed push that provides enough inspiration to make every workout feel like a great accomplishment. Pascale understands that each of her clients has different strengths and weaknesses. She does a great job of structuring workouts around our needs and always knows when we could be giving a little more effort. I have seen many people in my workout group gain the body mass they wanted or lose lots of weight to meet their personal goals. I think Pascale’s broad knowledge makes her a versatile trainer able to help people accomplish any of their individual needs.

Chrissy P.

Chrissy P.My biggest obstacle is motivation. With a trainer and gym in the building, all I have to do is “show up” and the hard part is over, once I start the workout I’m always happy that I did. I never finish a workout and say “I wish I wouldn’t have done that” but I have skipped a workout and regretted it. Sometimes I have a very stressful day, but I can just grab my gym bag, head down to see Pascale or hit the treadmill and I start to feel better. I return to work energized and with a clear head.

I’ve worked out with Pascale since I started with the company five months ago. I try to make it all three days… In the past I have “hibernated” all winter long, rarely working out and eating poorly. This past winter I really committed myself to regular exercise and I didn’t get the flu or colds like most of my friends and some coworkers. The stronger I am the stronger my immune system is and the result is no loss in productivity for Stanley Steemer!

I never really lifted weights consistently in the past and Pascale has really helped show me the importance of weight lifting in a well-rounded fitness program. One of the benefits is that the stronger I get, the less likely I am to suffer an injury during one of my runs. I have been running for years, but I never gave much thought to my core and upper body. My abs, arms, back and shoulders look and feel much stronger since I’ve been working out with Pascale.

Pascale does an excellent job of pushing me past what I might think are my boundaries. She makes me stronger and more fit than I ever could be if I just worked out on my own. I’ve tried to make working out a part of my life for the past eight years, but I’ve never enjoyed it as much as I have with Pascale. Part of the reason is because I can work out with friends and colleagues here at work. It strengthens the bond at the office and provides a healthy work environment.

One of the things that make me lose interest in working out is when I get bored. Since I’ve been working out with Pascale, I’ve never done the same workout twice. She does an excellent job of keeping her workouts new and fresh- targeting different muscle groups each time. Not only does it keep my interest, but it also prevents “muscle memory” from forming- which limits the benefit of the exercise.

Jolene H.

JoleneI have been working out with Pascale for 2 and ½ years. About three days a week.

The benefit of our fitness center means everything to me. I am a very busy person…I am finishing my MBA and I am a new mother, so I do not have a lot of time for a great workout outside of work. Pascale brings her game every workout. It makes my life much easier to manage! It is so convenient and nice to have the option to workout at work!

I have learned so much about myself. Emotionally I learned to push my self mentally harder so I can have the BEST workout! Physically I learned how strong I really am if I apply myself and have someone encouraging me to do so. Nutritionally I have learned that diet and exercise truly go hand in hand. To lose weight and gain muscle you have to diet and exercise together! Also my attitude is positive! Attitude means everything and when I have forgotten that, Pascale will remind me of why I am exercising and eating right!

Pascale will always push me to do my best and a little more. She knows that I can do it but I might need some convincing. She also understands limitations in all situations and respects them. Pascale not only helps builds your confidence she also allows you to embrace your fitness on your own terms. She allows you to grow and understand your own fitness needs as she guides you in the right direction. Her style of training is awesome!!

Physically I am so much stronger and I also have so much more energy than ever before. My energy levels are so high when I come home from one of her workouts. I also eat much better and I am aware of how exercise and diet have to stay consistent.

Susan K.

SusanI’ve been working out with Pascale twice a week for about 2 and half years.

The benefit of having a free trainer and fitness center at work is wonderful!  We have a great workout room just down the hall of my office. I don’t have to pay a membership fee or drive anywhere to work out. More important, I have Pascale to teach me proper exercise techniques and encourage me to keep exercising, even if my schedule just allows a little bit of time in the gym.

Pascale has taught me that you’ve got to start somewhere. Before I began working out with her, I would do some cardio on my own but that was it. I never used weights or varied my exercises because I just didn’t know how to use the equipment and was intimidated to try and figure it out myself. Now I’m comfortable using all sorts’ equipment and really enjoy the variety of exercises.

Since starting to work out with Pascale, I have become stronger. Her training style is fun and personalized! After working 8 hours I’m not always excited to put an hour in at the gym. Luckily, Pascale is eager to see me, has great music playing and exercises ready to go. She knows how much I can lift or run and only pushes me as hard as I can go. She doesn’t have all women around my age and size working out at one weight or intensity level; instead she knows what I am capable of and gears my workouts to that level.

Abby D.

AbbyThe benefits of having a Fitness Center and free personal training at work range from the obvious to the subtle! The obvious perks are the convenience and the fact that the personal training is FREE!  When I tell my friends that we have a very nice gym and a free personal trainer at Stanley Steemer, they are very jealous! It shows that the company and the CEO, Mr. Bates cares for his employees. The subtle benefits are the camaraderie among employees who work out together, the opportunity to relieve stress, and the motivation to push oneself that Pascale encourages.

I have been working out with Pascale every Monday and Wednesday for almost three years. To relieve stress from work and grad school I try to make it in as much as possible. I would not be working out as often right now, due to time constraints, if I did not have a personal trainer to keep me accountable.

Pascale pushes you to excel but does not cross the line. I learned how to use machines, dumbbells, and other workout equipment that I never would have touched before. The change I noticed is that I am much more toned than I ever have been in my life. Pascale is the only reason why I ever started strength training. That has made all the difference.

I know that strength training will be a part of my workout routine for the rest of my life b/c it makes such a huge impact.

Alice Y.

AliceI started working out with Pascale in January of 2009. When I first started I wasn’t really sure I would be able to continue since I am over 50.I had tried the fitness “thing” a couple of times in the past but it never worked out very well or for very long.

When I met with Pascale she told me she would work with me, but that I had to make the commitment to be there and to do the work. I knew this was not to be easy. So I thought about it for a few seconds. I figured I was not going to get a better shot at doing something like this. So, I went for the commitment. I figured it was my last “last chance” to do something good for myself.

The first thing I found out about working with Pascale was that she would do whatever it took to make the workouts work for me. As she would show me different exercises and routines, I would try each and every one. Some were certainly easier than others. But I was not big on telling her I couldn’t or wouldn’t do a particular thing. Sometimes to my amazement, what she showed me was doable by me. As I have gotten better at certain things, she is always one step ahead of me. Once it seems that I conquer a particular thing, she is there adding a twist, or a heaver weight, or another step, or something that makes it still difficult for me. But not so difficult that I get discouraged. Always watching to make sure my form is good so that I can reap the benefits of that particular thing without hurting myself.

Over time my endurance has gotten much better. I am not a lot closer to being as fit as my workout buddies, but I am proud of myself that I have managed to make a time in my life for this healthier lifestyle.  At this point, I can mostly hold my own when in class with them. I am still working on my diet – there is much room for improvement there. But even so, I have managed to lose a bit of weight in the past year. And I have noted that my clothes are starting to fit me somewhat differently. My mom even told me she is starting to notice I am getting a trimmer waistline. BONUS! And even though when I leave class I am totally tired, I am not nearly as wiped out as I was in January of 2009.

When Pascale started with this company about 11 years ago, I thought that we have a nice exercise room, why do we need a trainer?”  Now I know.  She is like a personal cheerleader, leading those of us who work with her on to bigger and better things.

Thanks Pascale, for being there when I was finally ready for you. (Back to top)

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Every testimonial is authentic and the client last name has been abbreviated for privacy purposes.

Cathy J,

CathyCathy 2I decided to work out with Pascale 5years ago after I was rehabilitating from an ACL knee surgery. Training twice a week with Pascale for the past 5 years has taught me how important it is to stick with it. Also, I have learned how much of working out is mental. She taught me to dig deep and push myself to go beyond my comfort zone. And that has really paid off for me. Even though I’m getting older – I’m getting stronger as the years go by.

Pascale’s training style is like tough love.

There’s lots of variety and it’s never boring. Her workouts are challenging but not life-threatening! I’ve learned that you have to be disciplined to commit to working out on a regular basis. My kids see that I have been with Pascale for a long time and that I am happy, healthy and stronger. It sets a good example.

One of the differences I noticed is that my husband is pretty intimidated by my upper-body strength and he will not mess with me! Pascale is my friend and my trainer. She pushes me, inspires me and encourages me.

Lynn W.

LynnLynn 2I had never worked out with a trainer until I met Pascale 8 years ago. I just began a weight loss program and asked her to help me with a workout program. We meet twice a week for 8 years now.

The first change I noticed was that I felt more agile. Then I fell hard on the ice and injured my knee. Pascale was persistent to teach me to strengthen my quads and to stay mobile, which helped heal the pulled ligament faster. Shortly after the knee injury my physician told me I had osteoarthritis in my legs. Pascale changed some my resistance training with more stretching and it helped my mobility. She listens carefully to your physical problems and encourages you with new innovative exercises that fit your needs.

My workout experience taught me to think about my posture and the importance of sticking with it even through injuries. My friends and family know that on Monday and Wednesday I am committed to my workouts. I see the rewards in the way I feel and look, and love the challenge of new exercises.

Pascale is always very professional while training. She makes it interesting by learning new ways to exercise, using weights and kettle bells. Making it seems like fun but you are getting a hard workout for 1 hour. Working out with her has also taught me proper technique and positioning and is very rewarding.

Sharon M.

SharonI decided to workout with a trainer because I wanted to lose weight and become stronger.

My neighbors introduced me to Pascale and I have trained with her since August 2009.

Physically I have learned that I can do a lot more things than I thought I could and I learned how to push myself to get better results.  Emotionally it has helped me with dealing with stress. Nutritionally I have learned a great deal from Pascale, such as types of foods that are healthier for me, foods that are more filling and how to have a more balanced meal plan.

I have become physically stronger and my cardio endurance is double what it was when I first began. I have gotten into the habit of going to the gym to work out about 5 days a week. I now look at the level of my workout, making sure I continue to push myself, which I never did before. I also have gained more energy during the daytime.

Her training style is tough, but fair and fun. She cares a great deal about how well we do and she pushes you to do more, but not so much that it is out of reach. I have taught my son some of the workouts that I have done with her, which has given us the opportunity to workout together. We have also started eating healthier as a family. My family has noticed that I have more energy, better disposition, and of course the changes in my body.

Pascale is more than a trainer to me, she’s a friend. She cares about her trainees beyond the gym and she is available whenever I need her to talk about what I need to do to change my workout and diet. I love when I first see her because you know she is excited to see me and I know that even though she’s going to kick my butt during the workout she really cares that I get the most out of my workout.  Even though the expense of having a trainer adds up, I keep going because I love her encouragement and positive attitude.  It just rubs off on you.

Allison W.

Allison W.As a breast cancer survivor, I know how important it is for me to be healthy and strong. I was tired of going to the gym and “doing the same thing” and I was not sure I was getting the best workout.

In October 2009, I starting working out with Pascale, what a great decision that was…now, none of my workouts are the same! Pascale is so creative with the workouts she puts together. She makes working out fun. It is never the same and I know I am working my body hard! She creates moves and combos that help me work my body in ways I could never dream of. I feel and look stronger than ever.  Pascale is a wonderful motivator!

Lori D.

LoriI joined a gym and had a free training session. I was hooked the first time. I loved the different exercises that I had never done before.

I have been working out with Pascale for almost a year. She uses a lot of variation in her routines. We do weights, machines, bands, balls, floor etc. Our routines are always creative and challenging.  We always start with abs. We then follow with 3-4 rotations on lower and upper body. She’s tough and I love it! I have learned that ultimately it is up to yourself on how hard you want to work. Pascale always says “It’s your workout”!  I hear it over and over in my head and it motivates me.

She suggested that I switch up my cardio routine and I did.  I am so happy to be doing something other than the treadmill for cardio.  I have noticed that I look forward to my training hour with her.  I used to dread training with my other trainer but Pascale makes it fun. I’ve had family members mention I have toned arms. Another person commented on my legs looking strong.

I have two daughters. I’ve always talked to them about being healthy and that to do so you must exercise and eat well. They understand that I exercise to keep my heart healthy. I never refer to my weight, always my heart. I don’t ever want them to have a negative body image.

I love my relationship with Pascale. She is motivating and tough and is fun to be around. She makes the workout routine challenging and totally worth my time.  She listens to my needs and plans the routine accordingly. She’s down to earth and willing to talk about anything. I consider her to be more than just my trainer. She is my friend.

Michelle H.

Michelle H.I decided to workout with a trainer to get my body back in shape after having a baby, and started working out with Pascale about a year ago.

I learned how to balance my workout so that I am not only doing strength training but also including cardio. My body seems much more toned, my energy level has increased, and I had the confidence to start training for a 1/2 marathon. I think she has a great balance of pushing us to do our best, but also letting us know that it is “our workout” and we will get out of it what we put into it. My husband has mentioned often that he notices how toned my arms and legs have become.

As an elementary teacher I try to incorporate some fun physical activities into our routine every month to get the children up and motivated, especially when they haven’t had the opportunity to get outside and move.

I have a great relationship with Pascale. She is a fun and energetic person. Her great attitude makes me look forward to working out with her every week. (Back to top)

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