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Welcome to The New You!

My name is Pascale Lercangee. I am your NEW generation Personal Trainer in Columbus, Ohio.

  • I am dedicated to HELPING YOU MAKE CHANGES to achieve your NEW LIFESTYLE.
  • I am dedicated to MOTIVATING you past your comfort zone.
  • I am dedicated to EDUCATING you on your most valuable asset: YOUR HEALTH.
  • I am dedicated to helping you recapture your PASSION for life.


What E-Personal Training Systems Offers You

  • E-Personal Personal Training Systems offers you a complete and personal approach for fitness training.
  • We focus on training the individual because every person has different needs and goals.
  • We focus on the compatibility of small group training (up to a maximum of 4 people) to assure good technique and quality workouts.
  • We have 11 years of expertise in corporate fitness training. I know how to motivate the individual who does not take advantage of the company’s workout facility.
  • Strength Training includes free weights, resistance equipment, elastic resistance exercises, and kettle bell exercises.
  • Functional Training includes TRX-suspension straps, stability ball exercises, medicine ball, and BOSU ball exercises.
  • Plyometric Training includes step and box exercises.
  • Aerobic Endurance Training includes running, cycling, and aerobic equipment programs.
  • Stretching program includes passive stretching, PNF stretching, and elastic band stretching.
  • Post Rehabilitation Training includes continuation and implementation of physical therapy exercises provided by your physical therapist.
  • Core conditioning Training includes a combination of training techniques for core specific strength.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

  1. You want/need to lose weight, but you don’t like to workout.
  2. Your physician recommends starting a workout regimen, but you do not know where to start.
  3. You lost weight before, but gained it back and you are frustrated and discouraged.
  4. You had an accident or an injury, and you think you should not push yourself to workout.
  5. You have been working out, but you are not making any progress.
  6. You are an avid runner, walker or cyclist, but with poor core conditioning and muscle tone.
  7. You bought some home equipment from a TV commercial, but it’s not working as advertised.
  8. You want to workout, but you are too tired, too busy, or not motivated enough.
  9. You want to workout, but with children and a full time job time is always an issue.
  10. You are not happy with your physique or the way your clothes fit and you have realized there is no magic diet pill!

How Will Pascale Help You Accomplish Your Goals?

  • We will meet and I will listen to you to understand your individual needs and goals.
  • In function of your fitness level, work schedule and personal commitment, you will receive a weekly workout program including strength training and cardiovascular exercise.
  • You have the option to workout in the privacy of your home, at my home, and at Powell Fitness Studio.
  • For corporate fitness centers, we can work out an agreement with your company to train you at your company’s facility.
  • Your success will come from my motivation and expertise to increase the intensity level of your workouts over time. A workout regimen is more than an exercise protocol on paper. It is a gradual adjustment of exercise selections and combinations, exercise intensity, frequency, and recovery!
  • Your success will also depend on how I educate you regarding nutritional guidelines. There is a body of research and dietary guidelines that agree on a few basic principals of what the most important changes of eating habits are in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I will teach you these guidelines in order to reach your specific goals.
  • You will receive a bi-monthly or quarterly re-assessment of specific measurements and fitness tests to re-evaluate your progress and goals.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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